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Darrell Eckblad the owner of Eckblad Trucking received his Class A CDL license when he was 19 years old.

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When he turned 21 years old he was itching to run out of state. You could say that trucking is in his blood. His Grandfather Walter along with both his parents Leonard Eckblad and Lois Wolters were truck drivers. As a little boy Darrell and his siblings grew up riding along in their parents cab over semi-truck.

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When Darrell turned 23 years old he purchased his first semi-truck and started Eckblad Trucking with the help of his Wife, Family and Friends. He started out going over the road hauling refrigerated, flatbed and hopper bottom freight. In 2004 Eckblad Trucking purchased an Intermodal Trucking Company that had 1 truck, 2 chassis and one account. They began hauling Intermodal Freight and the business has grown to running as many as 30 trucks. Eckblad Trucking is currently running 15 trucks. Our main focus has been hauling Intermodal Freight. We’ve built long standing customer relationships that have been with us since 2009.

Darrell Eckblad with his son

After Darrell’s first child was born it changed his outlook on life. He became more family oriented not only for his family but for his employees’ families as well. He not only carries the stress of his family on his shoulders he also carries the stress of employees families as well.

In an interview Darrell conducted in August 2010 he stated “There are so many families counting on our business so they can make money for their families” said Eckblad, who feels the stress of his responsibilities every day.

Darrell Eckblad and Family

In August 2014 Darrell and his family moved to Florida for medical reasons. Darrell was still able to run Eckblad Trucking from a satellite office in Florida. After three months living in Florida Darrell got bored and decided to start the next chapter an over the road division called Henderson Transport. Henderson Transport is running 6-10 trucks hauling refrigerated freight. Eckblad Trucking and Henderson Transport were separated due to the requirements to haul intermodal freight.

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